Won’t you forget about me?

Are you looking for a memorable meeting experience? In a venue where everything is just right, in terms of its unique concept and in providing outstanding hospitality? And most of all, where meetings are fun again? Our inspirational meeting venue – winner of the Province Award – has it all! Music Meeting Lounge guarantees an unforgettable day, as music influences your mood and your performance. This ambiance: inspiring - exclusive - creative - informal - homely - flexible and with a reference to former times, will surprise you. You’d almost make up a meeting just to come here…Our slogan: Don’t you forget about me!

My team and I are looking forward to hosting you!
Won’t you forget about me?


OUR MISSION: Music is the connecting factor at the Music Meeting Lounge and sets the tone for an inspiring, memorable and successful meeting. Music stimulates, inspires, connects and ... relaxes you. The vibe you get when entering the venue is unique and completely different from other venues. The record that is playing instantly creates a pleasant homely feeling and allows for music to connect people. It is our passion to give your board meeting, workshop, training, brainstorming session or kick-off the extra energy that is needed to make the meeting successful. Listen to our collection at home on SPOTIFY.
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